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Subject: SLG: Fair planner

        Saskatoon Linux Group - Saskatoon FreeNet Fair -
        OK here is the "planner" - it is under development! Please take
        the time to read it and if you have comments and additions to make,
        send it back with your changes. We still need staff for the booth
        as the current staff list will have to be refined. We will have
        several segments of 3 hours each. Please indicate your preferred
        time for each day. We will also have another organizational meeting
        a week before the fair.

        I cannot assure everyone a free ticket - that is, you might have to
        pay to get in - The SLG can reimburse you later if that is a

        If you contaced me already regarding the fair and you are not on
        the listnow - forgive me, as I was a bit busy lately. Please
        send me e-mail again.

        PS: The DEC loaner is confirmed and should be here soon!
Saskatoon FreeNet Computer Fair '96 Planner Sept 6, 1996

        Jubilee Building

        Setup Friday, Sept 27, 9pm - 12pm
        Show Friday, Sept 27, 1pm - 9pm
        Show Saturday, Sept 28, 10am - 6pm
        Show Sunday, Sept 29, 1pm - 5pm

Booth Staff
        Kevin Schick - Friday
        Bill Jones - Friday
        Geoff Shukin - Friday, 5pm-
        Keith Brown - Friday
        David Campbell - Saturday, Sunday
        Debbie Yee - Saturday, -1pm
        Rick Gebhard - Saturday, Sunday
        Sasha Grubor - Sunday

        $5 adult admission
        SLG will get several tickets for free

        !!! Contributors, please complete this list. !!!
        !!! Make sure you/computer is available on Friday morning. !!!

        Andreas Schiffler, 486, SVGA, ethernet, sound, Quickcam
        DEC c/o A. Schiffler, AlphaStation 500/333 loaner, SVGA, ethernet
        Keith Brown, 586, VGA, ethernet
        Bill Jones, 486
        Kevin Schick, 486, SVGA
        Geoff Shukin, PowerMac, ethernet, Quickcam

Stnd. Applications
        !!! Contributors, please have those packages available. !!!
        !!! Any other ideas? !!!

        Linux running under X
        Good looking windows-manager
        Netscape (any version that works)
        Dosemu DOS emulator
        Wine Windows emulator
        Executor Mac emulator
        WingZ spreadsheet
        StarOffice or something similar
        Dozer or AsWedit HTML editors
        Gimp + Pictures

Special Applications
        !!! Any other ideas? !!!

        Khoros 2.1 Image Processing Package (Andreas)
        Connectix Quickcam Software (Andreas, Geoff)

Sale Items
        !!! If you have old Linux CD-ROMs or books that you wish to sell
            during the fair, drop me a note for inclusion in this list !!!

        SLG Sale items:
                SLG memberships $5 each
                40 InfoMagic 4 CD-ROM sets $10 each
                4 WalnutCreek CD-ROMs $10 each
                ISE Eiffel package $150

Other Activities
        Organization of a bulk buy for Linux "Bibles"/CD-ROMs

Door Prizes
        These will be donated to the FreeNet comittee as prizes for
                6 Adras Slackware 2.3 CD-ROMs with manuals (David C./Kevin S.)

        Andreas Schiffler
                                966-6457 (work), 652-7852 (home)
        Keith Brown
        Tim Schneider
        Bill Jones
        Kevin Schick
        Geoff Shukin
        Sasha Grubor
        David Campbell
        Debbie Yee
        Rick Gebhard
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