Re: Modprobe

From: Andreas Schiffler <andreas_at_no.spam.please>
Date: Mon Sep 09 1996 - 09:16:40 CST


> I'm now trying to use the cx5x86 program to play with the settings
> in the Cyrix 586 cpu. I've compiled it but get an error message when I
> try to execute using modprobe:
> modprobe bogo.o ; modprobe -r bogo

I usually insert modules with 'insmod'. Sometime you need the '-f' (i.e.
force' flag to push the module into the kernel. Also, you are still using
a vintage kernel (1.2.8, I guess). I would reccomend to upgrade to 1.2.13
and the latest module utilities. Event the 2.0.x kernel seems to be quite
stable (karlsberg in at 2.0.17 for 5 days now) - but to go that far, you
need to download about 15MB of packages. If you need help regarding the
kernel upgrades, drop me a note.

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