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        Saskatoon Linux Group - Cheap CD-ROMs -

        Attached you will find a c.o.l.a ad-posting for a CD-ROM
        from Cheap Bytes ... Slackware 3.1 (aka 96). It cannot be
        used for a bulk buy as there is a limit of one CD per
        customer. Still, this is a PRETTY GOOD deal - $0.99 per CD
        - and I thought it should be mentioned.

        ======= Andreas (


                  Cheap*Bytes CD-ROM with Slackware 3.1

Cheap*Bytes, a company that specializes in low cost Linux products,
announces the following:

       Cheap*Bytes CD-ROM with Slackware 3.1 -------------> $ .99 each*
                 Yes, you read that right! That is 99 cents!!!
              But hurry, this is a limited time offer. See below.
Slackware 3.1 Linux can be used as a UNIX (r) workstation for purposes from
running Web Servers, to software development.

- - ------------------------
To order with your chargecard, you can use our *SECURED* web page at:

Or just send us e-mail to for details if you do not
have Web access.

Shipping charges will be applied depending on destination. Orders for
just this product will be shipped via U.S. First Class Mail or U.S. Airmail
depending on destination. For shipping and handling charges, please review
our Web page. All prices are in U.S. dollars.

International and chargecard orders are both gladly accepted.
Checks and money orders as well as domestic COD orders accepted. Please
see our web page for details.

- - ----------------
The product is expected to be shipping the week of August 19. Orders
will be filled in a First In, First Out manner. Chargecards will not
be charged until the product is available for shipping. Order now to
insure prompt shipment of your copy.

- - ------------------------
This is a limited time offer. The price will be $ .99 until midnight
August 31 (Pacific Standard Time). A limit of one copy, per customer,
per order applies. The price of the CD-ROM will be $ 7.00 each (still
a great bargain!) starting September 1, 1996. Please review our Web
page for Shipping and Handling charges.

- - ---------------
Cheap*Bytes is offering this product as an opportunity for Linux users
to receive a current version of Slackware in addition to becoming familiar
with Cheap*Bytes and our great prices! We offer a variety of Linux related
books as well.

As with other distributions of Linux, we suggest that users purchase the
"Official" releases of the software. However, we realize that many
consumers want a great bargain! We do offer the "Official" release of
Slackware from Walnut Creek as well. See our Web page for our regular
low prices.

- - --------------------------------

Linux - The Complete Reference $ 21.90 each
LINUX(1) Man Pages $ 10.00 each

The above are suggested to assist in your Linux installation and

- - -------------------------
Slackware is a trademark of Patrick Volkerding and Walnut Creek CDROM.
This product is being redistributed per the terms of the copyright
included with Slackware.

The Linux kernel is Copyright 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994 Linus Torvalds (others
hold copyrights on some of the drivers, filesystems, and other parts of the
kernel) and is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

*** Various other copyrights apply. See the documentation accompanying the
software packages for full details.

- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Cheap*Bytes specializes in discounted computer software and books. We offer
a variety of Linux products. Through efficient use of the internet, we
are able to offer great prices on great products!

       Cheap*Bytes - P.O. Box 2714 - Lodi - CA 95241 - USA
                           FAX - 209-367-8581 (e-mail) Web Page

*See number 3 for terms and conditions.
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