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Date: Thu May 16 1996 - 12:03:48 CST

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        Saskatoon Linux Group - SLG Meetings and Info -

        Hi all,
        I would like to invite you all to two meetings this May. The mid-
        month meeting will be held at my house so we have a computer to
        play with ...

        When: Saturday, 18 May, 7:30pm
        Where: 1342 Elliott St. (entrance from Bottomley Ave.)
        What: * Draw for the Cybercafe-Helpers
                * Demonstration of the "Linux Universe" distribution
                * Intro to the Postgres SQL database
                * ... and whatever else comes up

        Also as usual the regular meeting will be held in PHYS at the
        normal time - if you have something interesting to discuss or
        show, please talk to me so I can make the announcement.

        When: Monday, 27 May, 7:30pm
        Where: Physics Club Lounge, basement of PHYS building, UofS
        What: * TBA

        As far as other news goes ... Linux 2.0 IS OUT! The SLG has
        two more donations: "The Linux Commands & Resource Directory"
        a book that condenses all manual pages and more into a small handy
        desk reference and "The Linux Universe" a slick distribution from
        Germany on 2 CD's with live filesystem and excellent reference
        manual (a book). Both will be available for borrowing. The
        Serial card has turned up again and will probably be sold for
        $250 soon - so the SLG can think of what it should do with the money.
        And "MicroWay" ( just send me a newsletter
        with the subject line:
        "New 400 MHz Alphas and Lower Prices on all Microway Alpha-based
        Systems -- Plus, Digital's port of Linux to the 21164 Now Available
        FREE from Microway."

        i.e. Linux is not just running on the most powerful CPUs in the
        world - its beeing marketed for them! Way to go, Linus!
        ======= Andreas (

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