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Date: Sat Apr 20 1996 - 11:47:58 CST

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Date: Fri, 19 Apr 1996 10:10:28 -0600
From: Andreas Schiffler <>
Subject: SLG: Linux mailing list

        Saskatoon Linux Group - Linux Mailing List -
        Hi again,

        OK, the update on the mailing list is here. Jordan Arendt
        ( has set up a Saskatchewan Linux Users
        mailing list. You can subscribe to the list by sending mail to
        with the text 'subscribe linux' in the body of the message (not
        the subject line) - the mailer will respond with some more
        information. Use the account that will receive the mail from the
        list to subscribe. If you want to send mail to all people on
        the list, email to
        You can unsubscribe anytime from the list by sending the text
        'unsubscribe linux your@e.mail.address' to majordom@tdi.
        In the not-to-far future I will switch from using the
        current mailing system (via script files from karlsberg) to the
        majordomo mailing list in Regina. If you want future updates on
        SLG events, meetings and news you HAVE TO subscribe to this list.
        Benefits: - anyone can send mail to anyone else
                        - list maintenance is automatic
        Downside: - somewhat more traffic in your mailbox

        ======= Andreas (

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