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        Saskatoon Linux Group - LSR/Meeting/News -
        Hi all,

        I am sending a quick newsletter instead of having a mid-month
        meeting, since many are probably busy writing exams and I am in
        the process of moving and don't have much time on the weekends
        anyways. Enough time will be sped in the i-cafe ...

        1. -- LSR ----------

        Since the Linux Software Review (LSR) never got off the ground for
        some time now, I've put in the work myself and set up a perl script.
        This incarnation is not perfect, could be slicker and faster and is
        essentially a modified message-posting system available on the ne.
        It should serve its purpose thought and has an admin-tool to delete
        postings (the most important administrative task).
        What's needed now, before we go public with the LSR in the usenet
        Linux newsgroups, is some content and some testing. If you
        have some time to spare, check out the LSR and enter a review or
        two about your favourite programs. I set up a general category
        structure but feel free to extend it. The URL is:

        2. -- Regular meeting --------

        Our regular meeting will be held at the usual place, at the usual
        time ...

        When: Monday, 29 April, 1996
        Where: Physics Club Lounge, Physics Building (basement), UofS
        What: Internet Cafe planning

        3. -- News ------------

          I am in contact with people in Regina who are organizing a mailing
        list and possibly a users group. I have asked if we can combine our
        mailing list with theirs and make use of their great automated
        majordomo-remailer. Updates soon ...

          We have now three items for the "Internet Cafe" draw: XBasic,
        JustLogic SQL and Accelerated-X. Also in stock are Linux Journals
        and 60 audio-demo CDs from MediaTrix. Other items might trickle
        in over the next few weeks. Gotta come to win! Also the posters
        for the event will be ready soon (for downloading and

          The SLG has gotten a 8-port serial card from Cyclades (free). I
        would like to pass it on to someone who can make proper use for
        it for a cash donation to the SLG (retail US$ 399 - suggested
        donation $200-300). If anyone knows of a possible buyer of this
        card, contact me - I have piles of promotional material to pass on.

        ======= Andreas (

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