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        Saskatoon Linux Group - Update on Events -

        Hi all,

        this is just a quick update what has happened regarding the
        various events we have planned.

        Internet Cafe
        I have talked with Patti from "The Living Room" on Broadway.
        She is definitely interested in hosting us - location would be in
        front of the cafe (in the little mall) and I'll meet her on
        Thursday to work out details. "The Living Room" is a great
        location, since "Quadrant" (an IP provide) is just a floor up.
        We will also have access to "hardened" Pentium units thanks to
        Gerald Harrison which we can leave running over night.
        A date has not been set yet, but I'd think we could to this
        in two weeks already.

> Who is willing to bring a computer and spend some time there?
> Does anyone have a link to Quadrant and could get us a free
> Internet feed for a weekend via coaxial-ethernet?

        Freenet 1st anniversary
        We will be involved in the 1st anniversary of the "FreeNet".
        There will be a conference in the Travelodge on Friday 12th
        April and a public showcase in two malls (Circle Park and
        Confederation) the next day. I have agreed that the SLG will
        provide some hardware and staffing for Saturday April 13th
        during mall hours. The FreeNet has already booked space and
        desperately needs volunteers and hardware - a good oppurtunity
        for us to get public exposure. I'll get a final confirmation
        about this event on Thursday. Unfortunately they don't have plans
        for an Internet connection at the moment. I have investigated
        the possibility of getting a modem adaptor for a cellular modem.
        "Advantage Cellular Systems" have one that they'd be willing to
        rent to us for $50/weekend - maybe the FreeNet can help us pay
        for it or get the price down. We'd need someone with a cellular
        phone and a free-weekend plan, now. The speed is 14.4K (decent!)
        and the phone just need a RJ-11 jack (?, Motorola flip phones work).

> Who is willing to bring a computer and spend some time there?
> Anyone with a cellular phone?
> A confirmation of volunteers/hardware for April 12th is needed ASAP!

        Freenet fair
        Along the same lines, the FreeNet Fair comittee wants to organize
        an "Internet Cafe" during the fair. They are looking for people
        organizing this and we are the obvious choice :-). I am not quite
        clear on what we'd have to do, but one things is certain - we'd
        get space for free -- lot's of space -- and again, good public
        exposure. As for timing, its in September ... so no rush.

        March Meeting

        There will be a regular SLG meeting at the usual place - I guess
        as for topics, we will organize the various events and have a
        free Q&A period. Especially volunteers for any of the events
        should try to make it to this meeting!

        Time: Monday, 25 March 1996, 7:30pm
        Place: Physics Club Lounge, Physics building, U of S

        Several CD's and a new Latex-Manual are available for borrowing.
        I still have 6 copies of "Essential Latex" ($1.50/copy). Anyone
        who has SLG material please return ASAP to me (PHYS 308.1).

        ======= Andreas (

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