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        Saskatoon Linux Group - Mid-month Meeting update -

        Time: Saturday, 16 March 1996, 11am - 1pm
        Place: Louis Pub, U of S Campus

        What: * "Latex ..."

                        I have made up 10 copies of "Essential Latex" -
                        a double sided 10 page document covering all
                        the essential information needed to use the
                        Latex document preparation system. Included
                        also is a reference section with all commands
                        and mathematical symbols.
                                                Cost is $1.50/copy

                        I'll also bring "A Gentle Introduction to Latex"
                        - an excellent 100 page document - for borrowing.
                        * Internet Cafe

                        Not much has come back yet in terms of locations
                        and I would like to remind everyone who wanted
                        to check on places to do so ASAP. We do have
                        plenty of ideas, hardware and prizes by now
                        that should make this a great event.

                        * Saskatoon Freenet Fair 1996

                        The dates have been release and I have an
                        application form - we'll discuss briefly what will
                        happen at the fair.
                        The dates are:
                                Friday, Sept 27, 9 am ... to ...
                                Sunday, Sept 29, 5 pm

                        * Anyone with links to DEC?

                        I'd like to get an 300 MHz "Alpha PC" as a loaner
                        from them to run Linux during the fair - probably
                        by far the fastest computer at the fair :-)

                        * And last but not least ... we'll have a draw for
                        one registration licence of the
                                "CRiSP editor" from Vital Inc.
                        Gotta come to win - good luck!

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