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Subj: SLG: ORA bulk book order - order NOW

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Subject: SLG: ORA bulk book order - order NOW
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        B U L K book order

Darren Boyd is organizing a bulk book order from ORA. They carry the
best selections of Unix and Linux books in the world. To make
their reasonable prices even better they offer up to 40% discount on
bulk orders.

To order books ...

... come to the office 1C103 (in the engineering building at the UofS)
between 1:00 and 3:00 pm this TH F M to make an order.

... you could also contact Darren via e-mail about which books you
would like to get and he can tell you how to make a deposit (and how
much it will be).

Contact ...

... ddb132@mail.usask.ca or dboyd@the.link.ca

More info ...

The books available can be viewed on the web at http://www.ora.com this
includes tables of contents, reviews and book covers.

============== So buy lot's of books ! ====== Andreas

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