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        Saskatoon Linux Group - November Meetings -

        First SLG Meeting

        When: Saturday, November 18, 11am-1pm ("Star Trek Breakfast")
        Where: Louis Pub, UofS,

                * Draw for -2- Linux-monthly CD-ROMs from PHT

                * "More fun with your printer port - some cheap
                but useful hardware hacks" by Andreas

                * Any other ideas ???

                * The CD-ROM vendor PHT has provided us with a few
                free sample CD's: up-to date sunsite and tsx-11 archive
                sets and 5 Linux-montly CD's (with latest slackware).
                We will have a Draw for two of the Linux montly CD-ROMs
                during the first meeting and another draw during the second
                meeting later this month. The archive CDs are available for
                borrowing as is the 5th Linux-monthly.
                * Remember the "Tips and Tricks" document. Well, up to now
                I didn't get much replies. So PLEASE dig out your tips and
                send them to me. Here's again what we are looking for:
                  - console handling and keyboard-shortcuts
                  - shell/C programming tips
                  - small programs that do neat things
                  - TCP/IP setup and UofS/provide dialup scripts
                  - optimizations and kernel hacks
                  - games/DOSEMU/wine etc.
                  - anything really
        Second (regular) SLG Meeting

        When: Monday, November 27, 7:30 pm
        Where: Physics Club Lounge, basement of Physics Building, UofS
                * Draw for -2- Linux-monthly CD-ROMs from PHT

                * Speakers on any Linux related topics wanted !

                * Please invite anyone who wants to come; bring a friend;
                spread the word.

                * If anyone feels up to discuss his/her field of expertise
                regarding any kind of Linux related topic with the
                other members, please contact me ASAP. (I mean especially
                the more seasoned SLG members who have been SO quiet
                lately - hint, hint :-)


And just as a reminder ...

        Saskatoon Unix Group Meeting (SUUG)

        Date: Monday, November 13, 1995
        Time: 7:00 p.m.
        Place: Norsask Computer Exchange, Avenue C N. at 45th St.
                * TECHNOLOGY SEMINARS
                  1) "Internet Architecture and Internals"
                  2) "DNS: What Is It and How Do I Set It Up?"
                * General Discussion

        RSVP: (email) or
                Kay Elmer at 249-0590.
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